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My name is Jamie. Worldwide. Crazy.

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I know you are but what am I?

Only in Vegas

The fire alarms are going off and everyone is just gambling and not moving.

Anonymous said:
What happens on your vacation??

A lot of things happened

About time

I ran into Chucky again and he told me he was going to kill me haha.

Anonymous said:

Lil boi

Anonymous said:
You're not just saying that are you?

I’m watching. I can watch all the games at once in some casinos

I waved at Chucky and he came after me and tried to stab me.

So sad I had to leave my baby on #NationalDogDay

Anonymous said:
You better be watching those Angels....

Every night

Falling asleep at the airport


Aquarius girls are very busy people with their own shit to deal with. They dont need your drama. - zodiac signs facts

So agree ha

Can I hear one successful song that is by Ariana Grande and only by Ariana Grande?


Am I missing something? Everyone is tweeting that they miss big time rush. Yeah who doesn’t but why all of a sudden is everyone saying something

People are suddenly talking about 1D fans giving them death threats too. That was back during the BWU tour.


How are penis’ scary?


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