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one time when i was 14, i pretended i was sick so i could stay home from school, i pretended i couldn’t talk, and i pretended to have a really sore throat, turned out my mum was really convinced and worried, so she took me to the hospital, i was very shocked when the doctor actually found out i had laryngitis. the next day i couldn’t talk and had a sore throat, oh irony, art thou a bitch.


stay home from school. save your own life.

You always assume it’s me

#Repost from @ddlovato with @repostapp —- Why - Rascal Flatts… 9 years today. R.I.P. my nightingale.. We miss and love you so much. #RIPTrenton ❤️

About time

Seth and Logan 😏

Still recovering from yesterday’s episode.

Can’t believe it was two years ago today #timehop


I asked my friend if she was having a good day today. All she replied with was this

The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

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