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Anonymous: OMFG is kendall ever going to be able to take a shit without you taking a picture with him?!!! FYI he's only nice to you every time you stalk him so you won't trash him online again--bet you feel real proud of yourself!! You're pathetic & I wish you only knew what he says about you!!


Lol how rude

Someone is jealous.

Might be staying with the Angels at the end of June/beginning of July.

Angels up 1-0 with the Pujols single.

Don’t mind if I’m annoying with upcoming posts about the Angels.

Saw a fight break out at the mall between some guy and the woman in charge of the merry go round.

Waiting for the text that is never going to come in. :|

James and Hannah dancing to Amazing was one of the cutest things ever.


I hope people are free Thursday June 12 because I want to do something special that day :)