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The final game of Paul Konerko just ended. Thank you for all the memories.

Thank you PK.

→ Paul Konerko presented with historic grand slam ball from 2005 World Series


After catching the final out of the 2005 World Series, Paul Konerko tucked the baseball away in a safe place for a special presentation he had planned. That presentation would come just days later as the White Sox celebrated their 2005 championship.

While speaking to the enormous crowd on that…

Finally 😍

@hilaryduff: When you’ve walked 9 blocks and your kids almost as big as u #needstroller

Get out of my face 🐶

Happy 40th Birthday!!! The season only begun. 🎂🎉⚾️

Still the best team #GoAngels 😜

Angels rookies. 😂



Omg dude..

Can we all just appreciate the one dude who doesn’t feel the need to change his posture at all?

I feel like deleting this blog.

Love this!!!

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