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I watched Big Time Rush tonight and it actually is pretty stupid.

Not doing a good job hiding.

Oh James

Guess I’m not the only one that talks to animals that I see outside.

10 concerts in Chicago during September. How does he do it? Some have two in one night.

Doug Eddings has something against the Angels. We all remember 2005.

I really can depend on you.

Anonymous said:
HI :) --- Crazy



Popcorn and Homework. This is how I spend a Friday night.

This little guy has been giving me a scare these last few days. I cuddled with him all night and morning because I thought I almost lost him. He had me crying because of how much I love him. Glad he is doing better now. Can’t wait to see you later.

Happy Birthday to the muscle man!!! I hope you have the best birthday ever. You deserve it. Thanks for being one of the sweetest guys ever.

Yesterday he had a swollen face. Tonight a swollen ear. It can’t even go up.

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